Better-ICR Instant Character Recognition Assessment

ICR Assessment Demo

   Especially recommended if you've never used this app before.


Please enter your (optional) information, then click "Begin".

Initialize audio system

Please click button to start your audio system: 

Prepare Speaker


1. Click "Test", then adjust the pitch and volume to your hearing preference. 

Set Sidetone Pitch

2. Click "Okay" when ready to go to next step. 

Prepare Mic

1. Select your mic: 
Note: If the above drop-down is not populated with the mics in your system, there is a problem. Please contact the person who asked you to use this app.
2. Click "Test". 
3. Pause for a moment, then say "TEST".

4. Click "Calibrate". 

ICR Assessment

During the assessment you will hear letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols sent one at a time in random order in cw. For each character, identify it, then speak the character out loud, AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN. Speak the character name (e.g., “SEE”) not the cw equivalent (“dah-di-dah-dit”) and not the phonetic equivalent (“Charlie”). For punctuation say “period”, “comma”, “slash”, or “question.”

After you have spoken the character name, TAKE YOUR TIME TO FIND THAT CHARACTER ON YOUR KEYBOARD, and type it in.

If you made a mistake in speaking the character, hit the key for the character you SAID, not the correct character. Or, if in doubt just hit the space bar.

A short time later the next character will be sent.

WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THE INSTRUCTIONS and are ready to take your ICR Assessment click "Start".